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I can't decide if Indiana Jones is loving or hating the world of Elden Ring

Indiana Jones in Elden Ring is the crossover you didn't know you needed.

The best mash-ups are those you don't expect, and it's even better when they work. One such candidate imagines what would happen if legendary adventurer Indiana Jones somehow made it into the world of Elden Ring, with all of its undiscovered mysteries and dangers around every corner.

But we don't have to imagine this, because someone went ahead and made this crossover.

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YouTuber Eli_handle_b․wav, whom you may know from their excellent Austin Powers in Mass Effect two-parter, has ventured into the world of FromSoftware's latest, and brought Indiana Jones along.

Their latest creation is fairly short, but quite effective. It all starts off in Elden Ring's once-missable tutorial, before Jones heads off into The Lands Between. The first thing that catches his eye is the Tree Sentinel boss roaming right where at the start, and I don't need to tell you that it doesn't end well.

The rest of the video is made up of wide shots of Jones on horseback galloping through the world, dodging that insidious rolling ball at Raya Lucaria, being chased by the giant dogs of Caelid and running from a few other monstrosities Elden Ring players should be very familiar with.

The funniest moment by far is when he leans down to "read" a message left behind by another player. I won't spoil what it says here, but players have been getting creative with messages and interpretations of in-game quotes.

If I had one bit of criticism, it would be the moment when he gets invaded. Jones simply pulls out a pistol and eliminates the invader without any trouble, which doesn't reflect the experience most people had, particularly as that invasion occurs at a supposedly safe/non-combat area.

Also, not a single scene at the Volcano Manor? Anyway, you can enjoy this gem of a video below.

Watch on YouTube

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