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In Destiny 2 the Titan Subclass Super features a bubble you can watch deteriorate over time

Additional information on the new Sentinel Subclass in Destiny 2 has been provided along with a look at gameplay.

The video for Destiny 2 provides not only a look at gameplay, but also new information on the Sentinel Subclass' abilities folks will be using when the game releases on September 6.

Along with a look at the new Void Subclass for Titans, the IGN First video features sandbox designer Claude Jerome and senior effects artist David Samuel discussing how Bungie developed the highly mobile offensive and defensive Titan Subclass.

Once of the neat things about the Sentinel Subclass is the 'Captain America' style Void Shield which can be used to guard as well as a weapon. Using it as the latter, players will be able to see the trail it leaves as it bounces around the room smacking bad guys in the face. It looks rather cool, honestly, and you were given a look at this last week in a video showing the Endless Vale PvP map.

When using the Void Shield to guard, it is capable of nullifying incoming damage and "erasing threats both near and far." The Titan will still be open to flanking, so players choosing this class will still need to watch their backs.

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One of the attacks is called Shield Bash. It's the Void version of what was Shoulder Charge in Destiny 1. When the move pulled off and all the enemies are knocked down, similar to bowling pins according to Bungie, the Titan player can go in and finish them off or share the carnage with their group.

When the player presses and holds down the Super activators, they will cast Ward of Dawn which was a preset in Destiny 1's Defender Subclass. Hold the buttons down and the shield comes out along with the bubble which protects the player and their group from incoming damage.

The difference between the bubble in Destiny 1 and in Destiny 2 is players will actually see the bubble deteriorate. So, no more wondering how much time the bubble has left because the more damage it takes, the more it will weaken. This allows players to visually gauge how much longer they have until it disappears. That's excellent news.

Whether there will be similar options such as Blessing of Light or Weapons of Light slots for the bubble aren't known at this time, as Bungie didn't discuss the skill tree in the video. Arekkz goes into more detail on this in his video breakdown below.

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Of course, once the Destiny 2 beta goes live next week, players will be able to try the Titan Subclass out for themselves.

The beta kicks off for PS4 and Xbox One pre-order customers July 18 and July 19, respectively before it goes into open beta on July 21. Another beta test will be held for PC users sometime in August.

Along with the new Subclasses, players will be able to try out one of the new Strikes and the Homecoming opening mission which will be rather story heavy, much like the rest of the game.

Originally slated for release on September 8, Destiny 2 will now release on September 6.

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