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IGN AU gives Spore 9.2

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IGN Australia's posted up its Spore review, and it's given the game 9.2/10. Snip:

As absorbing as the game may be (and it is, for at one point we booted the game up at 1:30 a.m., planning to play for a short while before we passed out. We played for what seemed like maybe an hour, only to discover the sun shining through the window, and the clock reading 7:53 a.m.), it’s best savoured and not rushed through.

Enjoy the subtleties of each individual creature, lovingly made by someone across the world, with its gargantuan testicles and a name like “milfmeister”. Explore each planet and reflect on just what a random-number-generator is capable of in the right hands. Spore will take you on a grand journey. It will make you acknowledge just how far we’ve come, and just how far we have to go, and Spore will change the way you think about the universe we live in.

IGN US has promised to published its review at 12.00am PST tonight, which is 8.00am tomorrow morning in the UK, say be ready for a flood of scores then.

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