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Human Element prequel confirmed for Ouya console

Robert Bowling's Human Element will receive an episodic prequel on the Ouya console. The announcement was made via an update on the console's Kickstarter page.

The game, from Bowling's new studio Robotoki, is the first title to be confirmed for the system, and will be and exclusive to Ouya.

The episodic prequel will provide some backstory and the events which took place before the core game.

"[Robotoki] will work with the Ouya team and bring you an exclusive episodic look at the world as it develops and collapses over the course of the event happening," said Bowling, "to give you a look at some of the survivor scenarios and elements that you can expect from the full game in 2015."

Not much else is known regarding the episodic prequel at this time.

Human Element tasks players with surviving the zombie apocalypse, with fear as the main tenant running though the game.

Players will use the game’s character creation system to choose one of three classes, Action, Intelligence, and Stealth. Each has its own identity as well: Survive Alone, Survive with a Partner, or Survive with a Young Child.

"How you choose to start in the world will determine how you can engage and impacts the scenarios you will be presented with on a physical and morality level," Bowling explained previously.

Human Element is slated for release on next-gen, PC, mobile, and tablets in 2015.

The Ouya Kickstarter, as of this post, has raised $5,162,384 from 40,409 backers, and still has 20 days to go.

Bowling himself has donated $10,000 to the Ouya Kickstarter.

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