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Horizon Forbidden West settlements, arenas, gear and weapon upgrades on display in new video

The wilds are dangerous. Make sure you are prepared.

A new video has been released for Horizon Forbidden West and it provides a short overview on some of the challenges Aloy will face, along with a look at some of the settlements in the game.

Looking over the video, Aloy will be able to acquire new armor and weapon upgrades while in settlements that offer such services. While in town, she can also practice her fighting skills in the melee pit before heading out into the wilds.

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She can also track down rare machine parts in the hunting grounds and bring them back to complete salvage contracts.

Players will need to be careful while out in the wilds though, as rebel outposts and camps will cause "a whole heap of trouble."

The wilds will also contain a number of strange areas such as ruins and cauldrons, and Aloy will also have to contend with riders who race across the land. She can also participate in arena battles where she'll go up against various machines such as Slitherfang. While in the arena, Aloy can earn medals if she beats an enemy during a set time limit. These medals can be used for new equipment.

Out February 18 for PS4 and PS5, the game takes place after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn. It finds a red blight has taken hold in the west, and it's choking the plants, animals, and starving the tribes. In the game, the map stretches from Utah in the US all the way to the pacific ocean on the west coast. The map this time out is a bit bigger, and there will be dozens of new machines to encounter.

You will also come into contact with new tribes, some of which are peaceful. But some aren't, like the raiders who have discovered knowledge on how to override the machines in order to use them as beasts of war.

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