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Hollenshead: Doom 4 for simutaneous release, thinking about Wolfenstein


id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has said Doom 4 will be targeted for simultaneous release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, while adding Wolfenstein is still in the “thinking about it” phase.

Speaking in response to a Kotaku question on the very subject, Hollenshead said, "That's absolutely what we're thinking, that would certainly be the hope."

As for Wolfenstein, Hollenshead commented: "It would be sad if there's not another Wolfenstein game because I'm a personal fan of the franchise.

"Wolfenstein 3D is the game that got me started in PC gaming. So personally I have a lot of emotional and sentimental attachment to that game. Even before I was working at id I was playing Wolf 3D, but we're still in the 'thinking about it" phase at this point."

id’s next big game comes in the shape of Rage, which will be released this September.

You can read our own QuakeCon interview with Todd Hollenshead here.

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