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Hitman: Absolution crash-fix patch coming next week

Hitman: Absolution will receive an update from developer IO Interactive that addresses crashing issues on consoles next week. Get the details below.

The patch is due on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime from December 10th, and follows a similar patch issued on PC last week.

An official rep posted an update on the Eidos forums confirming the patch's release and said, "In terms of what this fixes, we’ve pinpointed a number of things which were causing the random game crashes – which, in turn, were causing saved games to corrupt. We’ve worked through all of the reported crash issues and are happy to say we’ve fixed all of them. We’ll publish a fuller patch list in due course.

"Once the patch is released we will of course continue to monitor your feedback so keep in touch and should you experience anything post-patch (crashes, corrupted saves or similar), let us know immediately and we’ll respond and investigate. As we’ve fixed everything we have seen reported, we anticipate this to be very rare (if at all)."

Have you encountered technical issues when playing Hitman: Absolution? Let us know below.

Thanks Polygon.

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