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Hines: Leipzig showing was "just as important as E3" for Fallout 3

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Bethesda's Peter Hines reckons Games Convention's just as important as E3 for games like Fallout 3. He told us so in Germany.

"It's hugely important to 'do well' here... to get a lot of people to see it and get excited about it," he said.

"It's just as important as E3 was. E3 was important for a different reason because it has the distinction of being first. That sort of sets the tone going forward for 'how did you do?' We had... many hundreds of people come through and play the game."

E3 hasn't had the best year, and Hines certainly isn't the first to say E3's dominance is well over.

Let's hope gamescom can pick up where Games Convention left off, eh?

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