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Here's Gravity Rush 2 running on PS4 Pro, and a breakdown of all the new stuff - spoiler free

Gravity Rush 2 builds on the cult-favourite Vita original in so many ways.

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Like the first game, Gravity Rush 2 has drawn rave reviews. Will that translate into sales? I'm not sure Sony cares; it seems to love stacking PlayStation with these beautiful things just because they should exist.

A PS4 exclusive, Gravity Rush 2 releases next week. Ahead of launch, Arekkz got hold of a copy and whacked it into his PS4 Pro to bring you the goods.

As the video outlines, Gravity Rush 2 is stacked with new features, taking the central ideas of the original and running with them.

Bigger game world, more quests with greater variation, a huge population of interactive NPCs, more variety in gameplay, evolved visual style - you name it, Gravity Rush 2 went there. Nice.

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