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Gravity Rush 2 reviews round-up, all the scores

2017 has its first highly-rated game in Gravity Rush 2.


Despite how very quiet Sony has been about it, PlayStation 4 players are getting a first-party exclusive game next week. It's called Gravity Rush 2, the sequel to the Vita-turned-PS4 action game.

Gravity Rush 2 has a very unique mix of action combat and flying mechanics. Both work hand-in-hand to create a system not quite available in any other game and offers a very fresh take on the superhero genre.

The constantly changing perspective and camera of the game will either keep you really excited to go on, or leave you with a bad headache. The game utilises the same cel shading graphical style found in the original.

If you like the look, you can give the game a go yourself by downloading the demo available on the PlayStation Store. Reviews have been very positive so far, as you can see below.

As always, scores are out of ten except where noted.

Gravity Rush 2 is out January 20 on PS4.

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