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Here's a beginner's guide to Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge is out next month, and here's a quick video guide on what to expect.

The first closed beta for Bleeding Edge kicks off next week for Game Pass members and those who pre-ordered the game.

To prepare yourself, here's a quick beginner's guide Ninja Theory's multiplayer 4v4 melee action game.

The game features a mix of melee and ranged combat, and as you work together as a team, you can combine your array of powers to pull off synergized attacks.

Some of the abilities include mind control, freezing opponents, electrifying enemies with a guitar solo, and pushing them into walls. You can even ride a missile into the opposing team.

Stages are just as wacky and come with their own hazards such as flaming arenas, shock barriers, and speeding trains.

Class types fall into three core categories: tank, DPS and support. Support isn't straight up healing as you can buff your team in a number of ways; DPS can be squishy so ranged attacks are a better choice but if they get close at the right time they can help turn the tide a bit; Tanks have quite a bit of health so they are best getting into the mix to dole out damage, but should stick close to support for healing.

You can also change your characters mid-game in the spawn point, so if you aren't sure the character you are playing is right for you, you can change your character after you respawn upon death.

Alongside their class abilities, players have two supers they can choose from and these can also be swapped out easily.

When diving into the game you will find two different modes. Objective Control is a take on Domination where there are three points on the map. Not all will be active so during this time the focus will be on taking out the enemy team. The first team to 600 points will win the game.

The other mode is Power Collection which tasks you with collecting power cells and deposit them in designated locations. Like Objective Control, these locations are not always active. How each of the modes work is explained in more detail in the video.

As you play, you will earn in-game currency. The currency can be spent in the Workshop on a variety of items. It comes in two forms: spare parts and credits. Spare parts are used for mods which you are allowed three at a time. Credits are spent on core cosmetics such as new and customizable hoverboards and emotes. Again, all currency is earned in-game as there are no microtransactions.

Arekkz recently paid a visit to the studio and will be releasing videos on the game daily for the next week. In the, you'll hear more about the individual characters, moves, abilities, supers, and tactics for using them.

Bleeding Edge releases on March 24.

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