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Bleeding Edge - here's a look at Daemon's abilities and supers

Here's a quick video introducing the Bleeding Edge character Daemon.

This video for the Bleeding Edge character Daemon provides a look at the character's abilities, supers, specials and just general tips and tricks on using him.

Daemon is an augmented ninja who falls within the DPS category. His use of stealth is handy when you need to sneak onto objective points, or incapacitating an enemy to take them out of the fight.

He also has impressive burst potential, making him a good option when you need to jump in and take out a support hero.

The character's basic and primary ability is Graffiti Blade which is used to slice through enemies. Pressing the attack button four times will allow him to pull off his basic slice and dice combo. He also has the ability to wall jump which makes for a nice getaway when you're being hammered by an enemy player.

As far as Specials, Daemon has three abilities, the first of which is Shift. This is a fast dash that can be used both offensively and defensively. You can use this ability to get to an enemy quickly or to get out of the way of a counter. The cool part about this ability is being able to perform a spinning slash and when used with other abilities, you have the potential for some powerful burst damage.

His second special ability is Stealth. When in this state, enemies cannot target you as it will be incredibly difficult for them to see you.  If you press Y while near an enemy in sneak mode, you will go into what's called Sleep. Here, you will appear rather quickly in order to pull off a damaging hit on your enemy.

The third special ability is Shuriken, a projectile which when thrown will slow enemies and drain their health. It works especially well on fleeing enemies.

Each character will have two Supers to choose from and Daemon's are Shadow Strike and Death Mark.

Shadow Strike sees the character strike enemies in a radius taking a percentage of their max health. This move is also especially useful when used on a stronger, single target. With Death Mark, once an enemy is marked, you will dole out more damage for a certain period of time. Should you kill the target while the super is active, it will briefly refresh allow you to cast it again withing five seconds

Arekkz's video goes into more detail, so you will want to give it a watch.

A new video for Bleeding Edge will drop daily from Arekkz, so keep your eyes peeled. Yesterday's video was a quick 101 on what to expect out of the game.


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