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Harvest Moon creator's Project Happiness detailed as shop sim

The new game from harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada has players running a village shop.

Project Happiness casts players as a merchant and has them come to know the customers who visit over the course of several years.

US publisher Natsume expects to launch the game, currently called Project Happiness, on mobile and 3DS, although Joystiq reports Wada expects to see it on a "variety of platforms". European publishing will be handled by Rising Star; Wada's studio Toybox will oversee the Japanese launch.

"There are about ten people to start with in this village, but eventually you'll get to a hundred people in total," Wada said.

About 30 of the characters will have their own unique story, which can be unlocked by identifying and selling a key item.

Players will be forced to choose one of seven wishes to grant towards the end of the game.

"Because you've spent very much time with the villagers – you care for them, you feel affection, you're attached to them – that is going to make your choice very difficult," Wada said.

"This game makes you ponder what life is really about, what happiness means. I want all the players to think about what happiness means."

Andriasang has some details harvested (see what I did there) from Famitsu; Wada said he wants players to be able to see their character moving around inside the shop even when it it is very large, although there will still be menu-based gameplay.

Players will be able to choose their character's gender, have access to some customisation options, and collect outfits. There will be some kind of online or multiplayer component, but Wada wouldn't give details beyond saying he hopes players will find it sufficiently unique.

Project Happiness is expected in 2013; Wada expressed hope the game would develop into a franchise. First trailer and artwork below.

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