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Harvest Moon's Wada aiming to work with Deadly Premonition creator on new IP

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada has said in a Siliconera interview he'd like to work on a new IP with Deadly Premonition creator Swery at Toybox.

Wada has brought in DP's producer Tomio Kanazaw to work at new studio Toybox, but while nothing has been arranged yet on making the new IP, Wada said it's something he'd like to do.

"Deadly Premonition has a very deep scenario and world that influence other people, that I hope gets people thinking about the environment and I hope it will have a positive impact in the real world," he said.

"Tomio is a good friend of Swery and we are talking to them about original IP. We hope to work with them, but nothing has been planned yet.

"It won’t be a sequel to Deadly Premonition, but it will be a new title."

Wada is set to debut Project Happiness at E3 this week as announced last week.

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