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Wada teases Deadly Premonition sequel, enhanced version

During his GDC presentation on Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada hinted at the possibility of two new installments of Deadly Premonition, one possibly a sequel and the other an enhanced version of the original for PS3.

Wada said he is currently collaborating with the game's director Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro.

According to Wada, the reason the game wasn't released on PS3 in the west was due to "some challenges" which made the team unable to release "the full experience" it intended.

However, the despite issues faced, he understands the "cult following" it has received in west on Xbox 360, and hinted that a newer, enhanced version of the original game could eventually see release on PS3 complete with new content, and according to Wada, Move support (via Joystiq).

"We're working on a PS3 release," he said. "We still have a few hurdles to overcome, but hopefully we'll be able to show you something at E3."

He also he and Swery are working on a new title at his firm Toybox, teasing the possibility of a sequel for the title, and he hopes to reveal more on that at E3, too.

, which was present for his talk, stated he "strongly hinted that it would follow in the footsteps of Deadly Premonition" but never came right out and confirmed it.

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