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Halo Wars looks "a hell of a lot better" than it did last year

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Speaking to 1UP, Ensemble lead designer Dave Pottinger has made no bones about the fact that the Halo RTS we're going to see at E3 next week has had a major visual boost compared to the movie shown off last year.

"I think it would look a hell of a lot better," he said when asked what the major differences between last year's trailer and a video made today would be.

"The art's just gone tremendously through the roof in terms of quality. The things we can do technically in the engine from a programming standpoint, and physics and whatnot, are just light years better than they were last year. The gameplay is definitely more honed - I think that would definitely come through in a gameplay video."

There's a 7,000-word interview through there. Read it is you can.

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