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Halo Wars 2 live action shorts pit General Atriox against Captain Cutter for airline armrests, second hand cars

Halo Wars 2 is a strategic game of outwitting your opponent, and those are skills which carry over to everyday life.

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Halo Wars 2 is pretty close now, and Microsoft has begun a promotional campaign of live-action shorts starring the leaders of the game's two factions.

Lifted from the more familiar context of Halo Wars 2's battlefields, General Atriox and Captain Cutter battle it out in a new war of wits, in situations that may be familiar to many of us.

The first video, embedded above, has our heroes sorting out the endless debate over who should get the armrest on a flight. In the second, which you can check out below, Captain Cutter wants to buy a car for less than General Atroix is charging. Neither of these scenarios will appear in Halo Wars 2, unless the modding scene gets particularly creative; it's probably going to be all out warfare instead.

Watch on YouTube

Halo Wars 2 launches later this month for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One; it's a Play Anywhere title, so you get both builds no matter which platform you purchase on, and there are various special editions available on both.

Halo Wars was originally developed by the Age of Empires team at Ensemble, which was shuttered and mostly resurrected as Robot Entertainment. Halo Wars 2, on the other hand, comes to us from the Creative Assembly, better known for Total War.

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