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You really need to see three Gregorian Monks belting out the Halo theme

Just when you thought the Halo theme couldn’t slap any harder…

Ah Christmas. The season of carols, capitalism and a smattering of residual religious messaging. Some would say it’s the perfect combo, yet now we know that’s simply not true - the true winning combination is three Gregorian monks and the iconic Halo theme song. With Halo Infinite sending millions of 30-something into warm, fuzzy nostalgic overload, there’s no better time to get yourself a cheeky viral hit – and that’s exactly what these talented chaps have achieved.

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Donning the coolest dressing gowns you’ve ever seen, these talented vocalists took to Helsinki cathedral to take advantage of the gorgeous setting and fabulous acoustics. Entirely acapella, it’s a hugely impressive performance, with each layered harmony resulting in a hair-raisingly atmospheric rendition of the Halo classic.

We also quite like the Christmas tree in the background. Our only complaint? There really should have been a geezer dressed like Master Chief sprinting around pretending to fight the covenant, just in front of them.

Still, ridiculous requests aside, shout out to Joonas Pajari, William Haggblom, and Tuomas Tenkanen of The Game Music Collective – keep up the great work. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to play Halo:Infinite… well, assuming it doesn’t erase our save file anyway.

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