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Halo Infinite's campaign co-op playtest kicks off July 11

The beta will let players finally try out a classic Halo mode.

Last month 343 Industries confirmed that a playtest would take place for Halo Infinite's campaign co-op, and now a date is set in stone.

Those that are lucky enough to take part in the playtest will be able to drop in with their friends starting the week of July 11, as announced in a Halo Waypoint blog post.

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In the blog post, lead software engineer Isaac Bender and lead world designer John Mulkey sat down to talk about the features in the co-op mode. One of the big things is that every player will retain their progress whether in solo or co-op play.

The way this is being done is that when players join a Fireteam, and choose their save slots, the game reads each player's save data to determine who has completed what. As long as every player has completed a mission, it's marked as complete, but if even just a single player hasn't finished a mission, it'll be marked as incomplete.

Crossplay is also fully supported, meaning that players on Xbox One, Series X|S, and PC can all play together, without any problems. Up to four players can play together, on any kind of combination of PC and Xboxes, including playing via cloud.

In classic Halo fashion, every character simply plays as the Chief in campaign co-op, rather than explaining it with some kind of lore reason.

The campaign co-op will also have an "Area-Of-Operations," which essentially means there's a maximum distance that players can stray away from each other, meaning you can't go off and do whatever you like.

It should be noted that because this is a separate build, players previous save data won't be recognised. And don't get too fixated on doing everything you can, as progress in the beta doesn't transfer to the final release.

If you want a chance to trying out the beta, you can join the Halo Insider Program, but there's no guarantee you'll get picked, and you can only do so until July 5.

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