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Halo 4 DLC release dates leaked on German 360 dashboard

Halo 4 will receive three DLC packs from now until April 1st 2013, according to leaked dates that appeared on the German Xbox 360 dashboard. Get the details below.

Initially spotted by Halo Council forum user xJumPeR_JumPzZ, MP1st reports that the map packs in question are:

Crimson Map Pack - due December 10th
Majestic Map Pack - due February 25th
Castle Map Pack - due April 1st

The details surface on the German Xbox 360 dashboard via an advert, which led to this screen that, when translated, reveals the map pack dates:

All three map packs will be included in the Halo 4 War Games Pass, priced at 2,000 MS Points.

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