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Halo 4: Crimson Map Pack ban only affected 200 people, Microsoft claims

Halo 4's Crimson Map Pack expansion saw some players banned from accessing several components of the game's online play. Microsoft has stepped forward to downplay the spread of the issue, stating that no more than 200 people were affected globally. Get the details below.

Microsoft's statement came following a workaround to an issue that saw Limited Edition and War Games pass holders unable to get the Crimson Map Pack content for free, as originally promised. The workaround was successful, but resulted in many players being banned from online play.

The publisher issued a statement to Kotaku on the matter, which read:

There was a situation yesterday (Sunday) in which less than 200 Halo 4 users were being incorrectly banned from accessing certain parts of the game (not banned from Xbox LIVE as a whole), and we have since resolved the issue. All players accounts impacted are working as normal.

The statement also pointed concerned users to Halo: Waypoint for more information.

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