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Halo 4: Crimson DLC & Spartan Ops 'best-of' playlists revealed

Halo 4's Spartan Ops will be entering a mid-season break between December 10-17th to make way for the new Crimson Map Pack's release, and the newly-announced Halo 4: Infinity Challenge. During that week however, 343 Industries will release a 'Best-of' playlist for Spartan Ops, and a new title update. Get the details below.

The playlist was announced over at Halo: Waypoint, and was confirmed to include the following missions:

  • Core (Chapter 5 of Episode 1)
  • Hacksaw (Chapter 3 of Episode 2)
  • Shootout in Valhalla (Chapter 4 of Episode 3)
  • The Didact’s Gift (Chapter 5 of Episode 4)
  • Spartan Miller (Chapter 1 of Episode 5)

From December 17th to January 14th, Spartan Ops will re-enter matchmaking as normal an episode per week, leading up to the continuation of the season with episode six.

Meanwhile, a new title update will roll out from Monday 10th December. 343 listed the scant changes and promised that a larger update is currently in the works:

  • Fixed exploit locations on Haven
  • Fixed exploit locations on Adrift
  • Introduced Ordnance drop issues on Haven (oops)

The developer also listed the incoming Crimson DLC playlist, which will support 6 vs. 6 across the following maps and modes from December 10th:

  • Infinity Slayer – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Shatter
  • Extraction – Shatter
  • King of the Hill – Shatter
  • Infinity Slayer – Wreckage
  • Capture the Flag – Wreckage
  • King of the Hill – Wreckage
  • Oddball – Wreckage
  • Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest
  • King of the Hill – Harvest

These maps will also feature in existing playlists from December 10th across the following game-types:

  • Infinity Slayer – Harvest
  • Big Team Infinity Slayer – Wreckage and Shatter
  • Dominion – Shatter
  • Capture the Flag – Harvest and Wreckage
  • SWAT – Harvest
  • Team Slayer Pro – Harvest

Phew. That's some update. Mega-thanks to MP1st for the details.

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