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Gunfight dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon announced for PS4

Dodge Roll, which is made up of ex-EA Mythic developers, is working on a "gunfight dungeon crawler" called Enter the Gungeon and it's coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

In development with those nutters at Devolver Digital, the game is comprised of "several misfits" full of regret over their sordid pasts.

In order to make amends for their wrongdoings, they have made a pilgrimage to a distant planet where a “gun that can kill the past” is sealed away in the deepest depths of an ancient temple. Playable characters all have their own past and motivation for challenging the place and each one’s progress will unlock "new items, guns, rooms, NPCs, characters, story fragments, enemies and bosses."

Each hero will have limited hit points so players will need to use the environment to their advantage if they wish to survive. The layout of each floor is "procedurally assembled from a huge pool of hand-designed rooms," and each run through the dungeon is different and affords you a single life - but the place evolves as you delve deeper.

Players will need to "fight, dodge roll, and table-flip" their way through a series of floors to get to the bottom of the "Gungeon". Each floor is more difficult than the last and filled with enemies, bosses, NPCs, shops, and secrets.

Guns in the game sound rather wacky, as they shoot "nails, fish, rainbows, foam darts, mail, cannonballs, genies, bees, lasers, magic, rockets, bullets" and more.

A gun that shoots fish. Okay, you got me. I'm in.

You can find out more on the game through the PS Blog.

Enter the Gungeon will release on PS4 sometime in 2015.

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