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Guilty Gear Strive and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle are finally on Game Pass

Two of Arc System Works' best fighters have made it to Game Pass at last!

Guilty Gear: Strive and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle have both been announced for Xbox Game Pass, coming to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S Spring 2023. This means that two of the best anime fighters out right now are both available for those with a Game Pass sub, easily accessible for those who want to learn some combos.

While both aren't particularly new games, with Strive being around a year old and Cross Tag Battle having been hanging around for roughly 3 years now, they both have existing online communities that are bound to get a healthy injection of new fresh players thanks to both opening up to the Game Pass crowd.

Watch the Guilty Gear: Strive Bridget trailer here!

Recently this year, both games were present at Evo 2022. Guilty Gear Stive had a second season of DLC characters announced alongside Bridget, a returning character from the series' past who was set live only days following their showing at the tournament. Unfortunately, Cross Tag Battle didn't get any significant announcements along the same line.

What's interesting is that the vast majority of these titles have historically been present on PlayStation consoles, with more and more moving over to PC due to performance advantages on that platform. Neither Strive or Cross Tag have cross play, so it's possible that a chunk of existing players won't be able to interact with a new wave of players.

But what do you think? Are you gonna download either Strive or Cross Tag Battle? Let us know below!

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