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Guild Wars 2 dev adding gear progression to satisfy high-end players

Guild Wars 2 game designer Linsey Murdock has revealed a number of tidbits that will interest high-end players. Arena.Net is looking to quickly implement methods that will allow top-tiered players to continue progressing. The development of gear and items is one such addition.

As detailed on the official Guild Wars 2 website, Murdock wants to ensure both hardcore and casual players always have the momentum to improve.

"Our desire is to create a game that is more inclusive for hardcore and casual players alike, but we don’t want to overlook the basic need for players to feel like they are progressing and growing even after hitting max level," wrote Murdock.

"Adding item progression is a delicate process normally undertaken in an expansion, but we feel it’s important to strive to satisfy the basic needs of our players sooner rather than later."

"By adding challenging new combat mechanics to end-game content and ways to mitigate those mechanics through gear progression for high-end players, we can add personal progression without making the game feel like an endless treadmill of gear that is just out of your reach."

New monsters will also be added to certain areas in order to maintain interest. The upcoming Fractals of the Mists dungeon will include an original monster condition called Agony.

"Players who wish to delve deep into the Fractals will find that Agony makes progress increasingly difficult, until they reach the point where some defense against this condition is a must. The only way to mitigate Agony damage is by building up resistance through Infusions, a new type of upgrade component that can be acquired in the Mystic Forge."

Will this keep you interested in the game for longer? Let us know.

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