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Horizon Forbidden West's Guerrilla Games is hiring for a multiplayer project

It looks like Guerrilla is interested in returning to multiplayer with its next project.

Before Horizon Zero Dawn, and the upcoming Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games was a studio known for working on multiplayer alongside single-player with the Killzone series. The developer has since shifted focus to produce entirely single-player projects, beginning with Horizon.

But this may be about to change, as Guerrilla is looking to fill some roles within the studio that will help it get back in the multiplayer game. A number of job postings, spotted by Resetera, do not directly say what project the studio is hiring for, but strongly suggest it will have a big multiplayer focus.

This job ad for a senior social systems designer is looking for someone to build engaging social features, and create interesting ways for players to connect with one another.

"Leveraging your background and experience in systems design, you will ideate, create and share innovative features to build, engage, and nurture player interactions and relationships," the listing reads.

Another job opening, for a senior narrative systems designer, also wants a candidate with knowledge of designing narratives for online games (as well as single-player).

Guerrilla doesn't specifically say whether its various job ads are for the same project, or what the game might even be - but the idea is interesting nonetheless.

It's also curious to see no outright job ads for multiplayer-specific work. Simon Larouche, who's mostly known as the game director of Rainbow Six Siege, returned to Guerrilla after his stint at Ubisoft. Larouche is known for his work on multiplayer projects, so many assumed that's what he's going to be doing at Guerrilla.

There's a chance, of course, all of this will feed into a new Horizon game/ experience (perhaps Ghost of Tsushima Legends-style?), and may not necessarily be a new IP.

As for Horizon Forbidden West, the game was recently pushed back to February 18, 2022.

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