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You can't afford GTA Online's new Super Yacht

Think you're a high roller? Better start saving millions, kid.


Nothing says I'm an asshole with too much money like buying a giant super yacht to live on. Naturally, that's an option added to GTA Online with today's Executives And Other Criminals DLC.

The Super Yacht is not cheap. Nor should it be. But it's totally something you should strive to own. Not by wimping out and buying Shark Cards with real money. We would never recommend that. But while at first glance that price tag - realistically just under $10 million - looks ridiculous, it's actually a deal that includes a lot of cool s**t for the price.

Let's start with some basic maths and look at the general pricing for each of the three Galaxy Super Yachts.

  • The Orion - $6 million
  • The Pisces - $7 million
  • The Aquarius - $8 million

On top of that, each yacht comes with staff, and so it has daily running costs.

You cannot sail the yacht around the map, but you can have it relocated. Naturally, this costs money - $25,000 every time you want to move it to one of 12 locations.


The buying process brings up the extras - you can go with the standard chrome fittings but there really shouldn't be such a thing as a budget yacht. It's an oxymoron. Get those gold fittings for $750,000.

You can opt for presidential lighting ($350,000) but really you want everyone to notice, so opt for the Vivacious Gold for $600,000. And then there's the colour schemes, which go from $135,000 to $650,000 if you want to look like a warship. Finally, name your yacht and give it a country flag. Yep, that's quite expensive all together.

Now on to the good news.

The yacht is accommodation, but it does not count towards your property limit. So you can have five properties now and a yacht on top.

I mentioned that for your $6-8 million the basic cost includes some pretty nice sweeteners.

The Orion comes with a Shitzu Tropic and Speedophile Shark, two new watercraft.

Buying The Pisces gets you a Buckingham Swift helicopter (usually costs $1.5m) for one of the two helipads, a Pegassi Speeder, two Speedophile Seasharks and a Nagasaki Dinghy.


Finally, the high-end Aquarius comes with the new Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon helicopter (new, costs $3.3 million), the Lampadati Toro, Nagasaki Dinghy and four Speedophile Seasharks for you and your friends.

Those five new watercraft can't be bought separately, they can only be obtained as part of the yacht. And they come in the same colour scheme as your yacht. Nice.

Once you own the yacht the Captain will be added to your Contacts book. Call him and he'll deliver any of the yacht's helicopters or boats to you, or any of your land vehicles.

Watch on YouTube

The defense system in action, courtesy of LXGYT

Now we move on to the best part: defenses. In the Interaction menu you'll find a Yacht Services tab. From here you can switch on and off your defenses and set parameters for them. You can select who (if anyone) can pass through your yacht defenses, who has access to the yacht and who will spawn there, and whether they're allowed to access to the yacht's vehicles. If they're not on the list, they're going to face a barrage of AA guns.

Finally, you can choose what clothing is worn in your yacht's hot tub. I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to get their tighty-whiteys on and slip into some warm bubbles?


Living on the land is so passé. Everyone's got a highrise apartment or a house on sticks with a pool. But not everyone has a gold yacht with a hot tub and staff.

Now all you need is the money to really live the dream. It's time to start working those Heists, those daily objectives, the best contact missions and the new VIP jobs that pay out the big money.

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