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GTA Online to get exclusive content on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC next year

Rockstar wants to make it worthwhile for GTA Online players to embrace next-gen consoles.

Take-Two, the parent company of GTA Online developer Rockstar, revealed as part of its Q1 earnings call that the game is getting new content exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

The new content will arrive sometime in 2021. GTA 5, of course, was previously announced for PS5 and later Xbox Series X, due for release in the second half of the the year. A standalone version of GTA Online is also due out in the same period on next-gen consoles.

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The publisher didn't specify what sort of content fans can expect, but it's worth looking back at the exclusive content PS4 and Xbox One players received for transferring their accounts from last-gen systems. Initially, said exclusive content took the form of new weapons and vehicles, new missions and activities.

Obviously, PS4 and Xbox One would later get content that didn't make it onto PS3 and Xbox 360, as the current-gen versions became the prime, main supported releases.

As part of today's earnings reveal, Take-Two also announced that despite offering the for free on the Epic Games Store, GTA 5 got a big boost in sales, to say nothing of GTA Online's increase in revenue and new players over the same period.

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