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GTA Online offering 50% off Insurgent, Valkyrie & Hydra today only

The weeks promotions continue in GTA Online, with Rockstar offering big discounts on some heavy hardware.


There's currently 50 percent off both the Heavy and regular Insurgent, the Valkyrie chopper and the VTOL Hydra jet.

At that price you'd be a bit loopy not to take advantage of those vehicles. The Heavy Insurgent, Valkyrie and Hydra all come packing hardcore firepower for when you need to knock down doors.

The prices are below:

  • Insurgent pick-up - $675,000
  • Insurgent - $337,500
  • Hydra - $1,500,000
  • Valkyrie - $1,425,000

There's a promotion running in GTA Online until July 26 offering double RP and cash for set-ups and the final Heist mission of the Humane Labs Raid.

Run that a couple of times from start to finish over the weekend and you'll have plenty of cash to spend on these vehicles.

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