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GTA Online: new mode Tiny Racers is live now on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Adversary mode stunt tracks take it back to the original Grand Theft Auto.


GTA Online's new adversary mode, Tiny Racers, is now live.

You don't need to download anything, just switch on your console or PC and Rockstar has enabled the update. Hhold R1 on start-up to jump straight to a playlist.

Tiny Racers courses are top-down and built using the stunt tracks, so expect plenty of ramps and jumps. You can also pick up a number of power-ups such as rockets, but drop too far behind the pack and you'll explode. You can see live gameplay of it here.

There looks to be seven different courses so far, each available for 2-4 players. All are offering double RP and cash this week so don't sleep.

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