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GTA Online Gunrunning update: all the new bunkers, vehicles, and everything else you can buy for a lot of money

You're looking at spending millions in GTA Online's Gunrunning update on bunkers and Warstock vehicles alone.


Now that GTA Online's Gunrunning update is live on all platforms, it's time to see all the new content it brought us.

To start with, all bunker locations are north of of the city, at Paleto Bay. No bunkers are located in the city (via Reddit), it seems. Prices range from $1,165,000 to around $2,500,000.

There's also the Mobile Operations Center, which you can buy for $1,250,000 at Warstock. As a bonus, buying one adds a the option to call it in any time through the interaction menu.


  • Paleto Forest Bunker: $1,165,000
  • Raton Canyon Bunker: $1,450,000
  • Lago Zancudo Bunker: $1,550,000
  • Chumash Bunker: $1,650,000
  • Grapeseed Bunker: $1,750,000
  • Route 68 Bunker: $1,950,000
  • Grand Senora Oilfields Binker: $2,035,000
  • Grand Senora Desert Bunker: $2,120,000
  • Smoke Tree Road Bunker: $2,205,000
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: $2,290,000
  • Farmhouse Bunker: $2,375,000

The interiors of the Mobile OPS and the bunkers can also be customised by adding things like a gun locker, personal quarters and so on.



There's a host of new military-themed vehicles available at Warstock, with prices ranging from 1.1 million all the way to 3.5 million. Much like the Import/Export update, each item has two prices depending on how you acquire it.

Find them and their prices below:


  • APC: $2,325,000 - 3,092,250
  • Dune FAV: $850,000 - $1,130,500
  • Half-Track: 1,695,000 - $2,254,350
  • Oppressor: 2,650,000 - 3,524,500
  • Weaponized Tampa: 1,585,000 - 2,108, 050
  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer : 1,400,000 - $1,862,000

Warstock also sells Ballistic equipment for $500,000. A couple of regular cars (non-military) were also added with the update such as the Ardent, and the Cheetah Classic which were datamined a few days ago. Warstock sells the Nightshark, and the Ardent, while the rest can be found at Legendary Motorsport.

However, these vehicles are locked and will be gradually unlocked (via FoxySnaps) in the order you see below.

  • Vagner - $1,535,000
  • Cheetah Classic - $865,000
  • Torero - $998,000
  • XA21 - $2,375,000
  • Nightshark - $1,245,000
  • Ardent - $1,150,000

Outside of that, Rockstar added new bunker-themed Adversary modes such as Every Bullet Counts, Till Death Do Us Part, Trading Places, Juggernaut, Slasher, and Resurrection.

The Gunrunning update brings the ability to research and manufacture weapons. A CEO, VIP, or MC President can do this by assigning staff to the different tasks. With the launch of the update, Rockstar is also lowering the fee to register to $50,000 minimum Maze Bank balance.

You'll see new MK2 variants of weapons that allow you to add different types of ammo such as tracer, incendiary, armour-piercing, or hollow point. Finally, there's now a range of new cosmetic items like cloths and accessories, as well as haircuts and tattoos.

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