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GTA 5 sparks legal action from Lindsay Lohan - rumour

Lindsay Lohan is said to have called her legal eagles in over the alleged unauthorised use of her likeness in Grand Theft Auto 5.

TMZ cites anonymous sources for word that Lohan's lawyers are putting together a suit over Rockstar's supposed use of the actor's image in the game, demanding "some serious money".

Three instances are being cited as use of Lohan's image. The first is a mission in which the player is asked to escort actress Lacey Jonas away from the paparazzi. The second is another mission involving photographing a red-headed actor in what seems to be a fictionalised version of the Chateau Marmont, a hotel Lohan once lived in and still visits regularly.

The third instance is the cover character, but The Daily Dot reports British actor and model Shelby Welinder has outed herself as the source, showing her Rockstar paycheque as evidence.

Should the rumour prove to be true, it may not actually result in a lawsuit, or be successful. Ellen Page recently accused Naughty Dog of "ripping off" her likeness for The Last of Us, but didn't seem to take any legal action over it.

Thanks, PlayerAttack.

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