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GTA 5 photographers capture the beauty of Los Santos

As players begin to explore the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto, the Snapmatic app is being put to impressive use.

Los Santos and Blaine County on new-gen consoles look stunning. Play GTA Online and you'll find a weird calm we're not used to in the game - people aren't running up on each other all-guns blazing, but instead wandering around in first-person mode, checking out the scenery.

The city and surrounding countryside looks a lot different than it did previously and it feels like a whole new world to explore. It's also a huge space to cover, but these photographers are already doing a great job of framing the beauty of Los Santos with the help of some Snapmatic filters, patience and a keen eye.


Blaine County by O_Sophi


Elysian Island by Vahu86


The Zentorno sports car by MakaveliCinema


Black and white detail by chocomongosnaps


The Ratloader by Ianharvey_


Vespucci Beach by Top_Noch_Bazzil


Landscape by Wendy_Rich_UK/


The Dodo seaplane by G3n3ralN0ns3ns3


Tornado Tree by NorthernScript


Murrieta Heights by ArsenicThreat

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