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GTA 5 PC: modders poking around the files find Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT textures

More GTA 5 information has been posted by modders poking around in the files of the PC version. This time, instead of zombies and horses, textures for the Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT vehicles have been found. New leaked vehicles


Barbarian, Detonator and Tampa are also mentioned in the thread.

A screencap of the files was posted on GTAForums by MGgames100, but he notes that users shouldn't get their "hopes up about these" files.

"CavArmy is simply the generic SUV textures for interiors that are used that originated from the Cavalcade," he wrote. "Most SUVs use that interior so in the Dubsta's files, for example, you'll probably find "cav_interior" textures.

"The Feroci textures are identical to those of the Ingot's interior, and all cars that share the Ingot's interior. The name is likely just a leftover from old files/inherited from GTA 4. The Super GT however, its speedometer's textures seemed to be unique."

You can also find images posted of the Army Cavalcade, Feroci and SuperGT through the imgur links.

More information on what the files entail are through the link. I'd explain it to you, but I don't know the first thing about how to mod anything. So if I have unintentionally misinterpreted any of the information posted above, please be gentle with me.

Thanks, Reddit.

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