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GTA 5 files accessed by modders, reveal horses, zombies, more

Modders have managed to pry GTA 5's file lock open and expose many of its interesting innards.


GTA community modders have gained access to several of GTA 5's archives on PC. These files were previously believed to be inaccessible.

Popular modding tool OpenIV, which was used in editing files in GTA 4 (hence the name), has recently been updated to read GTA 5 files. The number of exposed files is huge, with many of them covering textures, AI, models and more.

GTA Forums user GooD-NTS posted a few screens showing some of them. At present, the tool doesn't allow editing, but that could always change.

Even more interesting is some of those file names, which could be possible hints to upcoming DLC, in-game items, mini-games, and much more. @ZZCOOL went through them and posted some of his most strange findings.



References to zombies in GTA Online.




And finally, menial tasks DLC?


Some of these could be cut content, or could otherwise be names of upcoming DLC. In any case, once modders have the ability to edit those files, many secrets will be revealed and it will open the door to all sorts of mods.

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