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GTA 5 PC supports a robust array of graphics options

GTA 5 on PC looks far from a knock-off port, which makes us feel quite a lot better about the lengthy wait.


GTA 5 offers a variety of graphics options on PC, making it really very scalable. If you have a magnificent high-end gaming PC, you can really turn it up to 11.

This is such a refreshing change from the quick and dirty console ports we've become used to, we're you're lucky if you can change the resolution and unlock the frame rate to suit your powerful rig.

PCGamer has collected screenshots and details of all the graphics options screens as well as the mouse control options, which are likewise pretty robust. Head over there for all the details, or check the executive summary below:

  • Video memory slider
  • Ignore suggested limits option
  • Options for screen type, aspect ratio and refresh rate.
  • DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3
  • Anti-aliasing: FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA supported.
  • Pause game on focus loss.
  • Scaling bars for population density, population variety and distance scaling.
  • Texture quality: normal to very high.
  • Shader quality: normal to very high.
  • Shadow quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection quality: normal to very high.
  • Reflection MSAA
  • Water quality: normal to very high.
  • Particles quality: normal to very high.
  • Grass quality: normal to very high.
  • Soft shadows options: softer, softest, AMD CHS, Nvidia PCSS
  • Post FX options: up to ultra.
  • Motion blur strength: scaling bar.
  • In-game depth of field effects: on/off.
  • Anisotropic filtering: up to x16 .
  • Ambient occlusion options.
  • Tesellation options.
  • Advanced graphics
  • Long shadows: on/off.
  • High resolution shadows: on/off.
  • High detail streaming while flying: on/off.
  • Extended distance scaling bar.
  • Extended shadow distance bar.
  • Benchmark testing.

We have all the details on new features for the PC version of GTA 5, which releases April 14.

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