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GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC is a must-buy, especially for old-gen veterans

Rockstar's first-person announcement for GTA 5 has removed any barrier to upgrading. Have at it, says Patrick Garratt.


I pre-ordered GTA 5 on PS4 this week. I couldn't think of any real reason not to.

I've heard it a few times in the last few weeks, even from those who've been playing since launch. Why upgrade GTA 5? Why not just stick with 360 or PS3? Sure, you'll get some new animals and the new-gen versions will look pretty, but so what? Why drop another €60 on a game you already own?

Virtually everyone playing GTA 5 at the moment is, of course, playing GTA Online, and this created another problem. Who cares about the new-gen versions of the single-player? It's going to be exactly the same with a few new missions, but you're hardly going to play through a 30-hour adventure to see them. What's the point?

Then there was this.

Rockstar, as is its hilariously off-handed wont, announced yesterday that GTA 5, both online and offline, will be playable in first-person. This effectively means the campaign is now a giant FPS adventure you've never experienced in the same way before, containing some of the most memorable play-sections ever made. If you wanted a reason to go back to the story, you now have it.

That the first-person mechanics are smart is a relief. Included systems will allow you to automatically shift from first-person to third-person when moving in and out of cover or getting into vehicles. If you don't want to drive from the interior, it isn't necessary.

The truth is that even without all the extras you're going to get if you buy into the next round of GTA 5, it's now impossible to stay away from the new versions. Not only will they look as they were properly envisaged, but they'll provide a completely new experience over the old-gen versions. New-gen GTA 5, thanks to the first-person options, is an entirely new game.

F**k yeah.

The prospect of running the campaign heists in first-person is delicious, as is trying the air combat and Gang Attacks. There's always been an edge of not wanting to simply run through this content again with upgraded visuals, no matter how pretty they may be. But that's gone. It's reasonable to assume most next-gen console owners are going to be ticking off the days to November 18 at this point.

Rockstar isn't content to rely on the power of its brand to persuade people to join their series on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Assuming PSN and Xbox Live don't explode on November 18, we could be looking at one of the smoothest, best-planned platform transitions of any video game to date.

You get extra content, free in-game currency if you pre-order, the ability to transfer any progress from current-gen, and now, gloriously, we have confirmed news that you'll be able to play the entire thing in first-person. Better, the light on your PS4 controller will flash red and blue during cop chases. Even better, there's going to be a rail gun and a hatchet. Suddenly, dropping that €60 doesn't seem so tough.

I pre-ordered GTA 5 on PS4 this week. I couldn't think of any real reason not to.

GTA 5 releases for PS4 and Xbox One on November 18. A PC version will ship in January. Be sure to check out our next-gen GTA 5 guide while you wait.

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