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It only took a decade for Rockstar to let you just hold a button to sprint in GTA 5

But will they let us do that in GTA 6?

GTA 5 might have been released almost a decade ago now, but Rockstar has finally added the option to just hold a button to sprint.

Most games generally offer one of two ways to let you sprint in a game: you can either hold a particular button down, or press it once and it'll do it for you automatically. Some games even let you choose one or the other! For some reason, though, GTA 5 decided to go with the secret third option, one that was always just kind of annoying at best, and outright bad for accessibility at worst: you mash the button. Thankfully, though, after a literal decade (which is wild for a game to still be receiving updates this long after it was released), an update is coming that will finally let you just hold the button.

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As spotted by TheGamer, the latest Rockstar Games Newswire post shared some of the updates that will be coming to GTA Online, with the usual affair of more missions, more cars, that kind of thing. Notably, though, the post also shares that "an alternate sprint control option (hold to sprint) will be added to the Settings Menu." Mashing was always a bit of a silly thing to have to do, so it's a welcome change - though it would be good if they could add the ability to simply press the button once, so that there are a broad range of options available.

Of course, while GTA 5 is continuing to get updates, the big thing on everyone's minds is GTA 6. Last year there was a big leak showing off a whole bunch of screenshots and footage, though that's all we've really seen of it so far as it hasn't been officially shown off yet. That's obviously only a matter of time though, as whenever it does land, it's sure to be one of the biggest titles of that year.

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