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GTA 5 guide: Deathmatch tips for GTA Online

How to get and keep the upper hand in GTA Online, plus all Deathmatch, Last Team Standing and Capture jobs that support 30 players.


GTA 5 guide: Deathmatch tips for GTA Online

GTA Online has had a significant makeover since being released on PS4 and Xbox One, with the addition of 30 players perhaps the biggest game changer. Its deathmatches and associated jobs haven't changed fundamentally, but with more players, the new first-person perspective and tweaked controls, it's worth revisiting the best techniques to come out on top during a gang fight in Los Santos.

All the tips here apply to Deathmatch, Last Team Standing, Capture and Versus modes.

Getting tooled-up


Check your settings in the main menu and get comfortable with your set-up. You can specify third-person, first-person or a mix of the two and how your view changes when using the cover button, so make sure you experiment a little now you have more options in next-gen GTA.

Whoever is Hosting the match gets to choose the specifics - the most important of which is the weapons loadout. Forced is the weapon you begin with, Pick-ups are the weapons lying around the map and Owned is your character's personal arsenal. Don't choose Owned if you're only Rank 10 as you're bound to end up going against a Rank 100 armed with a rocket launcher.

Before you start the match all players will be offered the chance to stock up on ammo (for Owned weapons only) and armour. Go for ammo if you need it, but armour isn't worth it as it only lasts until your first death. After you respawn you don't have the armour again. Don't waste $500.

Weather and time of day aren't huge factors unless you switch to rain and a night fight as this will seriously hinder everyone's vision. It's a good challenge if you're up for it.

With Last Team Standing remember there is no respawning. If you get killed, you're out. This mode works well with lots of players, but if there's only a handful of you it can be over very quickly. The new spectate options are much better for next-gen, so watching matches can be quite exciting while you wait for the next round.

Capture mode is split into three different game types, although they all focus on stealing or holding on to a package.

  • Contend places the package in the middle of the map and lets both teams fight it out. Once it's delivered to the base a new package will respawn.
  • Hold is about grabbing packages around the map and holding onto them for points.
  • Raid is about storming the other team's base and getting the package back to yours to score points.

All-guns blazing


There are multiple ways to play GTA Online deathmatches, all depending on your personal preference. Work your way around the map and attack from a distance or run up on fools all-guns blazing. There's plenty of cover to use, but never sit tight in one spot. Move from one part of the map to another, using cover, killing, then moving on. We can't recommend sniping in GTA Online - the maps just aren't large enough. Players will swarm any campers for an easy kill.

Complete the Challenge objective if you can for extra RP and cash. You'll see it pop up in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen as the deathmatch starts. It's usually something simple like get a melee kill or finish in the top three. Some are time related (kill someone in the first 30 seconds) so be quick or you'll miss it.

When you start the map sprint to any closeby weapons better than the one you're holding, or armour if it's near. Stick to building edges and never run out in the open unless you can dash through a weapon pick-up to cover.

Learn to combat roll while aiming. When aiming, press square (PS4) or X (Xbox One) and left or right to roll and break your enemies lock on you. This is essential when you're in a one-on-one with someone out in the open. Combat rolls are more effective than cover if you can pull them off fluidly and they're 100% better than trying to run or jump out of the line of fire.

Pressing down on the left stick will put you in stealth mode and off enemy radar. You compromise speed of movement, so it's best to save this when you're close to other enemies or outnumbered. If you don't have a suppressor on your weapon, you'll show up on the map as soon as you pull the trigger.

Once locked on to an enemy, learn to flick the right stick up just a little to go for a headshot rather than a body shot. It takes practice but makes a huge difference when you've mastered it. Body armour does a pretty good job of soaking up bullet damage, but even the simplest pistol will kill with a couple of shots to the dome.

gta_5_ps4_xo (37)

The auto aim isn't so quick to lock on when someone's rushing you. If you're being rushed consider a melee attack or arm the shotgun for defence. The camera will not keep up quick enough in confined spaces so always try and keep some distance between you and an enemy.

Don't conserve your ammo. Pick ups are everywhere, so keep moving over them and grab whatever you can. They all respawn quick enough.

Revenge kills will earn you a little more RP, as will taking out the player with the skull and crossbones icon. But don't focus on them at the cost of the overall score.

Use height to your advantage. Always look for ways to get on top of a building. Be aware though that when climbing you are extremely vulnerable. Keep an eye out for ladders, but also use dumpsters to help you climb, or quickly park a vehicle against a wall or roof to climb up or over it. Cover isn't much use to your enemy when you're two stories above them and able to pop lead in the top of their cantaloupe.

Don't underestimate some of the less exciting weapons. The Combat Pistol can be a better weapon than a shotgun if you've got combat rolls and headshots nailed down.

As with other online modes you earn more RP and money playing with Friends and Crew members. Get your headset on and talk to other players in order to quickly flank enemies. The most skilled player will be a sitting duck if he's distracted by two of you coming from different angles. Remember in Deathmatch the goal is to win overall, it's not always about your personal kill/death ratio. Play to the objective.

Make use of the new swiping grenade move using the PS4's touch pad. Grenades are very hit and miss in GTA Online as players are a lot quicker than any AI in GTA 5. The best tactic is to spam the map, just make sure there's no friendly players close by.

Don't use vehicles in a regular Deathmatch unless you're trying to complete a Challenge. They're really not worth it unless you have someone riding shotgun for a drive-by. Getting in a vehicle attracts all the attention and it's easy for enemies to lock on to the driver.

If you get killed 3 times in a row without a kill in a deathmatch you'll be offered a Loser Perk on the Wasted screen. Take it, you need it.

GTA Online deathmatches that support 30-players

gta_5_ps4_xo (8)


Basic Training
Berth Brawl
Biolab Redux
Farmhouse Fracas
First Base
Fourth Amendment
Paleto Slay
Shooting Up


Contend: Peninsularity
Contend: Pier Shaped
GTA: Fossil Duels
GTA: Grass is Greener
GTA: Truck Buddies
Hold: Run Rabbit Run
Hold: Stage Invasion
Raid: End of the Line
Raid: Thoroughfares

Last Team Standing

Banning LTS
Battle of Raton LTS
Battle of Senora LTS
Encampment LTS
Fridgit Factory LTS
Humane Labs LTS
Richman Mansion LTS
Townhall LTS
Vineyard LTS
Von Crastenburg LTS

Six Deathmatches to get you started

Opens at Rank 1
Players: 6 - 30


This now supports up to 30 players and is set around the canals and posh apartments in Los Santos. It's loaded with alleyways, doors and a central strip for bloody standoffs. Makes sure you're armed with shotguns and pistols for maximum effect - long range weapons aren't much use here.

Opens at Rank 8
Players: 4-8

Getting to the rooftops should be your priority here. If you're not on the roof, use the train carriages for cover but ultimately you want to fight over the high ground and defend it to stay top of the leaderboard.

Derelict Motel
Opens at Rank 8
Players: 4-12


This abandoned hotel has plenty of outdoor space with foliage to hide in, as well as rooms, collapsed ceilings, roof space, corridors and alleyways. Recommended for 4 teams of 3 players to make the most of Team Deathmatch.

Richman Mansion
Opens at Rank 25
Players: 4-8

A small and compact space has the players brawling over a lawn, tennis court and house. Stay away from the posh cars as they'll only explode on you. This is a nice little map for smaller groups and offers more cover around the outside of the house than it first appears.

Vespucci Shoreline
Opens at Rank 20
Players: 8-16


This is a wide open space with barely any height advantages, so it's best using Owned weapons with maximum players. It's one of the few maps with large open spaces and little cover - parked vehicles and hotdog stands will blow up quite easily so don't rely on them. There are a few grenade launchers dotted around that are worth grabbing but this map is great because it hands out plenty of RP to the winning side.

Buzz Kill
Opens at Rank 20
Players: 4-8

If you can't yet afford a Buzzard attack chopper then this is the perfect vehicle deathmatch to sample one. Awkward to control and loaded with rockets, with 8 players Buzz Kill can turn into carnage quickly. Try and use the bridges for cover but be careful not to fly straight into them - it's easily done.

Need help with your Online weapons load-out or more GTA 5 tips? Check out our full guide here.

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