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Gravity Rush 2 is also getting a demo today on PS4

Nier: Automata is not the only PS4 game getting a demo today.

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Sony has announced that a free demo for Gravity Rush 2 will be available to download worldwide today. This is the second big name demo for an unreleased game going live today, alongside Nier: Automata.

The demo will go live around 6pm GMT today, which translates to 10am PT and 1pm ET. The demo will include two paths, one for those new to the series, and another for players more familiar with the mechanics.

That's not all, on December 26, Gravity Rush Overture, an original anime production based on the game, will debut on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. Overture is created by Studio Khara, and bridges the story gap between both games.

You can see a trailer for the anime above.

Gravity Rush 2 is out January 20 PS4.

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