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Grasshopper Manufacture "heavily relying" on Unreal Engine 4

Kilelr is Dead and Lollipop Chainsaw developer Grasshopper Manufacture is super keen on Unreal Engine 4, thanks to its cross-platform capabilities.

Speaking to Joystiq, studio boss Goichi Suda said the Epic suite is perfect for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"As a developer, we're heavily relying right now on Unreal Engine 4. That works really well with both systems – or in the sense that we could go either way," he said.

You can expect Grasshopper to use the engine in future whenever "it's a big title, or if it's suited to that title", he added.

But what is Grasshopper using Unreal for right now? Not the upcoming Killer is Dead, which hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August, but the game after that, which the developer has already dropped a few teases about.

When the project was first discussed, Grasshopper hadn't made up its mind what platforms the game would be coming to, but this new comment certainly suggests a next-gen launch is likely.

It's due in 2014, and will be an action title - Grasshopper's forté - but apart from that we know very little. Suda has said it will be unique, which isn't surprising. It will be published by GungHo, which acquired the developer recently with its mad stacks of fat loot to the delight of both parties.

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