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Gran Turismo "to continue on as many platforms as possible," PC gamers have large party


SCEA marketing head John Koller has dropped a heavy hint that Gran Turismo's future may not be limited to just PSP and PS3.

"[Polyphony Digital] report directly into our CEO, Kaz Hirai, so it's a little bit of a 'wait and see'," the exec told VG247 when asked when we can expect to see GT5.

"But we look for that franchise to continue on as many platforms as possible."

Koller said in the same interview, recorded at GDC, that Sony is currently looking at "GT5 across all platforms, just to see what makes the most sense.”

PC gamers may do well to get excited by the talk. Polyhony head Kazunori Yamauchi's already said that "perhaps [GT5] comes to the PC," talking specifically of a Chinese launch.

It doesn't take the hugest leap of logic to guess Koller may be talking about a PC SKU here.

E3, kids.

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