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Gran Turismo 5's GT Academy becomes reality TV series in February

Gran Turismo 5's ongoing GT Academy campaign - in which gamers are trained up to become professional race drivers for Nissan - is to become a reality TV show airing in the UK from February 4th. Get more details after the break.

The GT Academy series will air on UK channel ITV 4 on Monday nights at 8pm starting February 4th. There will be repeat showings every Saturday in the early evening and on Sunday mornings.

Sony and ITV's show follows some 830,000 gamers from 14 European countries who signed up to the GT Academy, each competing to be the fastest Gran Turismo 5 players. The top six players were decided by a National Final event, and raced their way to a spot at the GT Academy Race Camp at UK track Silverstone last year. Then they were trained in-game, and learned the skills necessary to become proficient at the real thing.

The top prize was the chance to represent Europe in Nissan's 370Z GT4 car at the Dubai International 24 Hour race which takes place this month. Previews of the show have called it tense and sees the gamers-turned-pro racers facing insane pressure in stepping up to the role.

Does this behind-the-scenes glimpse at GT Academy interest you? Would you like to see other games given the same treatment? If so, which ones?

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