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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition released

In what's gradually becoming a series tradition, Gothic 3 stand-alone expansion Forsaken Gods has been re-released in a format which reportedly works.

Big Download reports the Trine Games-developed expansion has been given a serious polishing by Mad Vulture Entertainment.

As well as an overhaul to graphics and audio, the Enhanced Edition sports "completely revised" gameplay and combat. And, of course, a massive dose of bug fixes.

Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition is available now on Steam, and if you've been burned by this franchise before, never fear - the whole series is on sale at the moment, and a gamble on this one will only set you back $2.50.

The original Forsaken Gods was released in 2008 to near-universal derision, proving almost unplayable before patching and merely thoroughly broken thereafter. Its parent game, Gothic 3, received a similar though less extreme reception.

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