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Godus isn't Molyneux's final game, calls retirement 'abhorrent'

Peter Molyneux's has poured water over rumours that Project Godus - supposedly the one and only game to release from his studio 22 Cans - will mark his retirement from the industry. In fact, the developer has called retirement 'abhorrent'. Find out why below.

Speaking with Gamesindustry International, Molyneux stated, "I wasn't in any way announcing my retirement or saying I'm going to throw myself off the nearest bridge after my next game.

"I'm either going to stop making games when everyone in the world just hates the games I make or the day when I die. I feel more passionate, more engaged, more energetic about making games now than I ever have. The thought of retirement is abhorrent to me. I would have to be in some vegetative state to consider retirement."

It comes after Molyneux teased that Project Godus would be the only game to come out of 22 Cans. The developer spoke with VG247 at length about the project, managing expectations and more during a recent interview. Check it out here:

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