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God of War baddie flips you off in style when you’re not looking, as revealed by a camera hack

There are things in games that the player is never meant to see, and YouTuber Lance McDonald is always here to pull that curtain back, set in on fire, and hoover up the ashes.

Previously McDonald revealed that spooky ghost Lisa is always behind you in Hideo Kojima’s PT, the playable teaser put out as a proof of concept for the ill-fated Silent Hills.

Now he’s messing around with PS4’s God of War. Early on in the game, Kratos has a scrap with a character known as “The Stranger”, who turns out to be Baldur. He’s a hard bastard to kill, and even throwing him off a cliff doesn’t finish him off.

God of War tracks its action with a one shot-style camera, moving in and out to keep every bone-crunching strike in frame. With a free camera hack, McDonald has revealed what happens in the places where the camera isn’t looking.

Turns out, when you throw him into the void, Baldur does this, the cheeky scamp:

We thought we’d have to wait for a God of War PC port before we saw a bit more of how the sausage is made, but McDonald keeps delivering.

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