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Ghost Recon: Wildlands patch adds Ghost War PvP mode, a fix for co-op connection issues, more

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has received a new update right on schedule, though not on PC.

The patch is available now for Ghost Recon: Wildlands players on PS4, and Xbox One. On PC, the update was delayed to Thursday, October 12 due to a "technical issue".

Unfortunately, this also means Ghost War won't be available today on PC as expected, unlike consoles. Ghost War is a free, 4v4 PvP mode available to all players. Although it's a major part of today's patch, it's not the only thing to look forward to.

The update is a hefty 11GB download on PS4, and Xbox One. On PC, Steam users will download 4.7GB, whereas players on Uplay have a much bigger download at 9.5GB.

Some of the other highlights include a fix to campaign connectivity that should minimise cases where one player couldn't connect to the others. The game now supports relay servers as a fall back, in cases where NAT issues and other problems cause players to disconnect from the session. This is the same model used in Ghost War.

As a reminder, the game is free to play this weekend on all platforms.


See the full list of notes below:


  • In "El Cardinal", fixed a bug where the player couldn't redeploy freely after failing the mission


  • Fixed a bug where a "NEW" tag would appear on the loadout even though there is no new unlocked item
  • - Fixed a bug where the "Missile incoming" warning would be displayed too late
  • - Fixed some situations where the prestige points earned wouldn't appear on screen


  • Fixed a bug where a player wouldn't be kicked from the lobby if the command was initiated from several players
  • - Added relay servers for improved connectivity between players


  • Fixed a bug where a player shooting from the trunk of a car could lose control over the character
  • - Polished the new helicopter's landing animation


  • Fixed a bug where Norton antivirus users would have troubles launching the game

Narco Road

  • In "El Invisible", fixed a bug where the "mission failed" screen would not appear, making the mission unavailable.


  • Fixed the mouse input precision for the new helicopter control scheme. We implemented mouse acceleration which decays as helicopter picks up speed, and a deceleration when player is driving, as previous implementation was losing angular velocity too fast
  • - Fixed an issue causing vehicle doors to always shown as being closed when using NVidia Ansel

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