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Ghost Recon: Wildlands - here’s exactly when the open beta starts and what's in it

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta is just a few hours away. Here's all the information you need in one place.


After a successful closed beta round earlier this month, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta will be returning once again - only it will be open to everyone this time.

The open beta will be available to download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One without prior need to register or redeem keys anywhere. The open beta goes live on Thursday, February 23 and will remain online all the way through Monday, February 27.

Here's when it actually goes live in the different time zones:

  • PST - 3am
  • EST - 6am
  • GMT - 11am
  • CET - 12am

The download client is 24GB on PC if you're new to it, or a 19GB update if you're updating after the closed beta. The open beta for PS4 and Xbox One clocks in at around 24GB too. In any case, you're able to pre-load the open beta right now, so there should be plenty of time before it starts later today.

As for content, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta includes two regions of the full game's 21. Itacua, the region from the closed beta, as well as a new region called Montuyoc, will both be accessible during this open beta.

If you play the open beta and buy the full game before March 31, you'll unlock a free, extra mission in the full game. The mission is called the Unidad Conspiracy, and it tasks you with sparking war between the militia group Unidad and the Santa Blanca cartel.

Those of you who are thinking of shelling out hard cash for Ghost Recon: Wildlands might want to know that if you're a Twitch Prime member you'll be handed a pretty cool skins pack for free. Just sync your accounts ahead of the official release next month.

Watch on YouTube

If you need a little more convincing about whether you should take part in the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta, take a look at this video which highlights the craft and technical skills applied to the landscape you'll be playing in. Even if you only get involved for the pretty views, it looks a rewarding experience.

And as a bonus for Ghost Recon: Wildlands players, if you play around with this interactive map, you'll unlock a bunch of little bonuses when the full game is released.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands officially releases on March 7 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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