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Gears 5 Relic Weapons - Where to find all 17 Relic Weapon locations

In your valiant fight against The Swarm and Locust in Gears 5, you’re going to need the best weapons for the job. That’s why it’s worth tracking down all 17 Relic Weapons - powerful tools to aid in the battle ahead.

The Relic Weapons in Gears 5 are scattered all throughout your adventure - look out for the unmistakable skull-cog icon on the map. They’re super-variants of classic Gears guns that pack an extra punch with special abilities that you can’t find anywhere else.

All-in-all there are 17 Relic Weapons locations for you to hunt down in Gears 5. Here’s where you need to look!

Gears 5 Relic Weapons

ActGears 5 Relic Weapons

If you need a visual nudge in the right direction, we’ve embedded a video from YouTuber Maka91Productions below if you get lost:

Enforcer Relic Weapon

First up, the Enforcer Relic is as simple as they come - a higher damage variant of the base weapon.

  • To find it, in Act 2 when you discover the “New Hope” location, you’ll find the Enforcer Relic over to the left under a tree before you jump down the ledge onto the frozen lake. Look for the red icon on your map.

Longshot Relic Weapon

The Longshot Relic is a little more subtle, but is perfect for fans and masters of Gears’ now famous active reload system. This weapon gives you one more round of ammo to fire when you perform a perfect active reload.

  • The Longshot is found in a dilapidated red shelter on the northern side of the first frozen lake you come to in Act 2, after you’ve jumped down past the Enforcer.

Retro Lancer Relic Weapon

For when you just want to light the fuse and watch the fireworks, the Retro Lancer Relic can fire splash damage shots for maximum crowd control.

  • You find this stood up against a tree in the centre of the map after going through the gate in Chapter 4 of Act 2.

Torque Bow Relic Weapon

Causing ultimate destruction isn’t always about making the biggest bang. The Torque Bow Relic isn’t as explosive as its previous incarnation - that’s been in just about every Gears game - but fires much more quickly.

  • The Torque Bow Relic is found in Chapter 4 as well, near the Abandoned Mine where there’s a side mission. Instead of going inside there’s a sidepath that leads up the hill past some chopped down trees. The Bow is at the foot of a wooden structure at the top of the hill.

Boltok Relic Weapon

For those who like to spray-and-pray - or run-and-gun if you don’t want to admit your deficiencies, the Boltok Relic Weapon might be one to consider. It has better accuracy when you’re not aiming-down-sights.

  • You get the Boltok to the northeast of the Condor Crash Site in the eastern part of the snowy open-world area. It’s on the ground next to a crimson omen painted on the ice wall.

Dropshot Relic Weapon

Starting life as a modified mining tool in Gears 4, the Dropshot gets a makeover for this latest game. This time around its mines will freeze your monstrous enemies so you can move in for the kill.

  • To grab the Dropshot, keep heading northeast from the Condor Crash Site. You’ll reach a frozen lake in the northeast corner of the map where you’ll find the Relic behind a rock at the foot of the large iceberg in its centre.

Boomshot Relic Weapon

While the Boomshot might be a slower weapon, its Relic protects you during some of that downtime by firing off explosive shots when you reload.

  • This time, from where you found the Dropshot you need to go a little northwest to the northern end of the map - where you find the North Comm Tower. When you discover the North Tower Substation location look to your right. The gun is behind the structure marked with the red logo.

Talon Relic Weapon

The Talon Relic is one of the better risk/reward weapons in the game, and another for fans of active reloading. If you score one, you’ll get a damage buff.

  • At the start of Act 3, south of the Abandoned Airport, you’ll find the Talon propped up against a hangar marked with a big “1”.

Gnasher Relic Weapon

If you want to add a big, beefy shotgun to your arsenal, you can’t go far wrong with the Gnasher - especially the Relic version, which fires slug rounds instead of the regular shot.

  • This one is found a little south of the Talon Relic, on the northern cliff edge of the map (shown below). It’s just on the floor below the crimson omen painted on the cliff face.

Claw Relic Weapon

Of all of the active reload enabled guns, the Claw Relic probably shows the most difference. Scoring a perfect maneuver buffs the Claw’s rate-of-fire considerably.

  • To make it yours - still in the northern part of the desert but closer to the centre - look for some domed, cylindrical buildings buried in the sand. You’ll find the gun in the bushes at the foot of the smallest one.

Markza Relic Weapon

Precision is for suckers. The Relic version of the Markza turns the considered scout rifle into a fully-automatic lead chucker.

  • At the Pump Station you’ll find a parking lot turned scrapyard full of ruined cars. Look for the Markza Relic in the trunk of one of the cars next to the cliff edge.

Hammerburst Relic Weapon

The Hammerburst Relic is a curious one, since it lets you fire longer bursts every time you pull the trigger during a clip until you’re firing almost full-auto. It’s an interesting mix of the two styles that could be useful if you like to switch it up.

  • To find this, go to the east of the City Ruins in the desert and look for another of the cylindrical towers to the south of a large building flying a flag. Go inside the fence surround in the tower and you’ll find the Hammerburst next to a fallen comrade.

Lancer Grenade Launcher Relic Weapon

As if this weapon wasn’t good enough already, the Relic version - similar to the Retro Lancer - turns its shots into air-burst explosives.

  • Just between the Water Tower and Cosmonaut Training Facility - south of the tower and northwest of the Facility - you’ll find the GL lying against a metal structure under the cliff overhang.

Snub Relic Weapon

If the regular Snub just didn’t pump out enough damage for you, then the Relic version has a solution. Two bullets instead of one! It fires in two-round bursts instead of the regular single shot.

  • Southeast of the Rocket Hangar, look for the Crimson Omen painted on the gold and white wall. The Snub Relic is on a rock just in front of the logo.

Overkill Relic Weapon

When regular weapons won’t do and you need to deal as much raw damage up-close-and-personal as possible, then turn to the Overkill Relic. Holding down the trigger lets this futuristic shotty fire full-auto.

  • This one is just to the north of the Bridge Control House map icon in Act 3. It’s found propped up against the backside of a boulder.

Embar Relic Weapon

This is another high risk/reward weapon to add to your roster. The Embar Relic is super slow to charge, but does a massive amount of damage. However, since the Embar usually takes all but the toughest foes out quickly anyway, you might want to save it for stronger enemies.

  • If you want to add this Relic to your arsenal, head to the Crashed Condor in the southeast corner of the desert and look for the broken off tail in the wreckage. The Embar is on some crates next to it.

Lancer Relic Weapon

The classic Gears of War weapon. The Relic version has a special melee attack that breaks down enemies and opens their defenses to finish them off with a killer chainsaw finisher.

  • To tick this one off your list, make your way to the Cargo Shipwreck sidequest towards the southern part of the desert. The Lancer is propped up on the southern side of the ship.

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