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GDC 2012: Classic Game Postmortems return with Harvest Moon, Fallout, more

GDC organizers have announced the return of Classic Game Postmortems, and this year's line-up includes talks on Harvest Moon, Gauntlet, Alone in the Dark, and Fallout.

Frederick Raynal will be hosting the postmortem on Alone in the Dark and will be sharing how he and the team crafted the horror game while helping "spawn a genre that still scares millions today."

Timothy Cain, original creator and producer of the Fallout series and setting, as well as lead programmer, will deliver a talk on how he helped create a franchise which "set a new standard for open-world RPGs that still resonates with players."

A talk regarding Atari's co-op dungeon crawling/looting game will be hosted by the game's designer Ed Logg, where he will discuss how it "paved the way for class-dependent experiences like World of Warcraft, Phantasy Star Online, and others."

Finally, Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada's talk will touch on the ideas that gave birth to the series, as well as "the many successes and failures that can occur in developing and producing a video game franchise," and he will offer insight into the business aspects behind the series' growth.

GDC 2012 runs March 5 through March 9 in San Francisco, California.

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